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This site is under construction and we will be adding stuff as we think of it.
Got something you want to put up here? Or links to some cool places that you think would be of interest? Email me (Bob Adam) and I'll put it up for you.
Got pictures from past events online someplace? Or have pictures you would love to put online but don't have anyplace to put them? Email me and we'll get them up I've got plenty of space on this server.

Who are we?

We are a local group to Western Mass. but anybody is welcome to join us from all surrounding areas. Our reason for getting together is to share our experiences, regarding Burning Man, with each other and new people and help people get together, create stuff, and get them and their stuff out to the various events.
To be part of our chats and get-togethers we have an announce list and a mailing list. The Mailing list has reasonable traffic and is pretty open to any topics of interest to the group. The announce list is one way and low traffic and is used to get info out to the group for events, meetings, and other items of interest to the whole group.
To subscribe to the announcement list for events in the Western Mass Area,
send a blank email to westernmass-announce-subscribe@burningman.com.
To subscribe to the discussion list. Send a blank email to: westmassburners-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or
visit Western Mass Burners at Yahoo Groups.

Photo links

Bob Adam - Pictures Burning Man 2004

Bob Adam - Pictures PDF 2005

Bob Adam -Pictures Burning Man 2005

bob Adam - Panorama 2005

Jeff Berg - Burning Man 2005

Patrick Reddy - Burning man 2005

Video From Rocky Horror picture Show @ BM 2005

Patrick Reddy - Panorama 2005

Western Mass Party Bob's Feb, 06

Western mass Party - Pimps and Ho's 4/1/06

Spring PDF 2007

Camp planning 2007 Turtle Island Camp & Tiki bar plans

Video from PDF Spring 2007

Tiki Bob - Burning Man 2007

Video From Rocky Horror picture Show @ BM 2007


Other Links