Cleanup Plan For Turtle Island Camp

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Before we leave for the desert, we plan three things:
1) We plan to use materials for our campsite that lessen waste, and are recyclable or reusable.
2) We will avoid bringing small trinkets, flimsy paper, small feathers (boas) and glass bottles since they typically get left on the playa for others to clean up.
3) We plan to set up camp in a way that is easy to keep clean.
4) We plan the breakdown/cleanup of our camp in detail, accounting for every board, stake and scrap., by packing in all the necessary tools for clean-up.

We hereby designate Robert Adam as the camp LNT expert, this person will ensure that our camp stays clean before, during and after the event. he will also be given the task of making our camp fun and spontaneous, yet clean. he will get help with the cleanup from fellow BRC residents if and when it is needed. he will also take part in planning our purchases and encourage us to reuse / recycle / reduce. he will be there when it's time to take down and sweep our camp for every last trace and will make sure everything left goes with us.
To minimize our impact on the Playa, we will follow these rules:

We will bring the following items for our Camp's Clean-up Day (Sunday)